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Goldrich Engineering & Trading Co., Ltd.

Founded by Ms Mok in 1991, it mainly wholesaled aluminum ceilings in the early years, and then gradually added various building materials. Today, Goldrich sells hundreds of products and is somewhat well-known in the industry. It's customers include large builders and various government departments. Over the years, we have always insisted on doing things pragmatically, ensuring quality maintenance standards, and taking long-term development and cooperation as our goal. We believe that with our extensive experience, understanding and familiarity with products and markets, we can provide customers with professional advices and quality services.

Items for sale include:

Aluminum, solar equipment, aluminum-plastic composite panels, thermal insulation panels (foam/polyurethane), sandwich panel aluminum ceilings, aluminum water iron (hot dip), plywood/film panels, outdoor wood, plastic floors, UPVC panels, aluminum honeycomb panels , solar panels, flower ladder boards, LED lights, bathroom sliding doors, bus doors, aluminum doors and windows, aluminum anti-theft nets, window grilles, mosquito frame, glass, glass glue and hardware accessories, there are many kinds, not exhaustive, will regularly updated on website and facebook.
Major projects include: glass houses, modular houses, solar panels, high-grade sliding doors on the terrace, and interior and exterior wall decoration of aluminum-plastic panels.
Minor works include: aluminum ceilings, aluminum doors and windows, bathroom sliding door bus folding doors, replacement of aluminum doors and windows, residential and building stainless steel gate works.

Welcome to call for quotation and inquiry 28811743.


Kam Tin warehouse over 10,000 square feet , ensure sufficient supply

Hospitality with sincerity and continuous innovation
多年經驗, 信譽良好, 深得客戶信賴

In line with the attitude of hospitality and sincerity, Goldrich listens carefully to the opinions and requirements of customers, and conducts research, analysis and improvement, so as to continuously improve the competitiveness of the company and its employees.

Pragmatic management has won the trust of customers

With years of experience and hard work, Goldrich has established a good and credible image in the industry. With the support of new and old customers, the business is booming. We hope to introduce more products and services in the future to give customers more choices.


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