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 Aluminum Ceiling

Long strip aluminum ceiling (white powder)

​All aluminum, environmentally friendly and practical, easy to clean and install, with round LED lights, beautiful and practical.

It is mostly used in small-area rooms such as kitchens and toilets. For large areas or outdoors, gusset keels can be added to make it stronger and windproof. 

Available in 8", 10" and 12" widths, stock from 5 feet to 10 feet, 1 box of 10 can be shipped the same day.


    8" piece 0.7mm thick

   10"/12" piece 0.8mm thick

8"/10"/12" 扣板天花切面圖及厚度
LED 天花燈, 有白光和黃光

​Windproof aluminum ceiling with LED downlight


2 feet square plate (white powder)

​ or 600mm square plate, with flat surface and pinhole, mostly used in studios and high-rise buildings

With various accessories such as T-shaped (2/4/10 feet), keel, hanging code... Can build exposed or concealed ceiling

方盤天花及接駁配件安裝示意圖 (明架)
方盤天花及接駁配件安裝示意圖 (暗架)
隔柵天花 參考圖片

Grille ceiling (powdered white)

​There is also a grille ceiling, which is beautiful and can also increase the sense of space. It is mostly used in workshops and high-rise buildings.

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