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 Bus Folding Door Installation

Aluminum alloy bus folding door​

The bus folding door is easy to install, saves space and is safe and practical. Commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, modular houses and lockers. In addition to glass, it can also be matched with aluminum-plastic panels, gussets and shutters, and can also be converted into screen doors as mosquito nets.


- Standard size is: 80"H x 30"W, can also be customized according to customer size

​-A variety of dusting colors and sanding patterns are available

Installation process

If the installation is confirmed, the master will be arranged to measure feet on site first, and the production of the bath screen will take about 4 days. After the goods arrive, the master will contact the customer to make an appointment for installation. Our master has more than ten years of installation experience and is very familiar with the process.


If you are interested in learning more, please contact our colleagues for inquiries and quotations, Tel: 28825322

spray white bus folding door
folding door,巴士摺門,平面圖
folding door,巴士摺門,平面圖
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