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 Aluminum Checker Plate


What is an aluminium tread plate?
Also commonly known as an aluminium checker plate  is a type of metal tread plate that has distinctive raised bars that give users a non-slip surface, making it super versatile for many industries. As well as being slip-resistant, aluminium chequer plates are corrosion-resistant, lightweight and easy to fabricate.


What are aluminium plates used for?
As aluminium plates are easy to clean and anti-slip, it lends them well to being used for flooring, stairs and walkways in industrial settings and transportation. They are also popular for cladding and protecting walls, where their decorative panel stands out.


Other aluminium checker plate features:
Aluminium checker plates have plenty of other properties, making them a popular choice of aluminium product in lots of different applications, environments and industries. They're lightweight, hardy and flexible with good drilling, welding and forming ability so they can be easily folded and made into different shapes as needed.


They're also super durable and reliable so they keep their shape and look over a long period of time time. This is why aluminium plates are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, because it's easy to recycle aluminium without reducing its quality, it's an incredibly environmentally friendly material to use.

Structure: With unique raised strips, with anti-slip performance

Thickness:  1.5mm/ 3.0mm/ 6.0mm 

Size:  1220 x 2440mm 

Color:   silver aluminum


** Original purchase is required, no cutting service

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