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 Wood Grain PVC Flooring

  Color reference:  

 Model: SL889 

1. The plastic floor material is elastic, which can provide shock absorption and good impact resistance.
2. The plastic floor has a large coefficient of friction, good slip resistance and high safety.
3. The plastic floor has the functions of heat insulation, sound insulation and flame resistance.
4. Easy installation: The plastic floor does not require complicated construction steps and professional construction tools.
5. Easy to replace: If the plastic floor is damaged, only the damaged part needs to be replaced, and there is no need to carry out engineering on the surrounding floor.
6. Changeable styles: The plastic floor has diversified and developed imitation wood grain, imitation stone pattern, etc., which can make the appearance similar to wood and stone floor.


Features and benefits of plastic flooring:


Plastic floor is a commonly used material in flooring materials. Because the color of plastic floor is changeable, there are many colors to choose from. The home space will also be lively because of the rich color floor, and the price is affordable. The advantages of fast and convenient construction are widely used by the public.

Size: 6"x36" Thickness: 2mm

Packing: 30pcs/box


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