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  Galvanized Iron

鉛水鐵通, 鐵角, 腳掌和角碼呎吋及規格

Goldrich wholesales all kinds of galvanized iron, through strict inspection, whole process quality supervision, high quality, reasonable price, is your confidence choice.  


  • Galvanizing refers to the anti-rust method of coating metal zinc on the surface of iron or steel.

  • Zinc is a highly corrosion-resistant metal that blocks oxygen and water, making iron less likely to rust.

  • Goldrich wholesale is mainly hot-dip galvanizing, which is a galvanizing method commonly used in industrial building materials.

  • Galvanized iron is cheaper than stainless steel, hard and solid, and has good rust resistance.

  • It can be painted after finishing, which is more beautiful.

Application of iron along water

  • General Home - Village house canopy or solar trellis.

  • Telecommunications - Radio masts and towers, communication cables, power towers, substations.

  • Transportation - Highway guardrails, road or rail fences, road or rail noise barriers.

  • Construction - Scaffolding, drainage pipes, plumbing equipment, electrical conduits, security windows.

  • Machinery - Household appliances, motor housings, ventilation housings.

  • Agriculture - Greenhouses, greenhouse pipes, greenhouse frames, sprinkler irrigation equipment.

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