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 LED Ceiling Light

9W yellow light / white light

Product Model: DD32 120-1A LED 9W FWH
Lamp size: D145*H65
Opening: Φ120
Installation specification: embedded installation, spring circlip fixed.
Product description: Embedded LED SMD downlight, the lamp body is made of 6000 aluminum alloy CNC precision machining, the appearance is atmospheric, the surface is sprayed with powder high temperature curing treatment or oxidation sealing glaze treatment, corrosion resistance. The lamps use lumens to provide LED SMB5730 that meets the US Energy Star standard, with low light decay and high light efficiency. The pure aluminum reflector is made by spinning, that is, heat dissipation and light mixing are integrated, which can not only effectively conduct heat, but also make the light output evenly. Optical grade polycarbonate diffuser for soft light. It can be matched with a high power factor isolated constant current drive power supply, high standard design scheme, strict material selection, and strict testing to ensure stable operation and long life of the lamp.

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