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GR Logo 金豐標誌

 Contact us


No55 Kam Chin Wai Village, Kam Sheung Road,

Kam Tin, Hong Kong

Tel: 852-29888941, 28811743, 28825322

Fax: 852-29888943



Welcome to inquire and/or order goods through 

Whatsapp: 5316 0550 

GR Logo 金豐標誌

Map/ Transportation Arrangement

Our warehouse is located behind the public toilet at Kam Chin Wai Village. Passengers can take a taxi at Kam Sheung Road Station. It will only takes 5 minutes.
Or by bus, 64K gets off at Sun Ma Road bus stop and walks for 5-10 minutes. Drivers can enter from the intersection of Ng Ka Village Public Toilet on Kam Shui Road, pass the iron bridge and Kam Chin Wai Village Public Toilet, continue driving for about 100 meters and turn left, keep going and you will reach us.

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