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Goldrich produces and wholesales all kinds of aluminum materials with high quality and reasonable price. We provide one-stop aluminum material services. Welcome to map processing and production.  

  • Architectural Aluminium Profiles- Flat Pass, Square Pass, Round Pass, Aluminum Angle, Aluminum Flat, Unshaped Aluminum, Aluminum Tube, etc. (6063-T5 Specification)

  • Aluminum Extrusion Die- Welcome to map, OEM production

  • Decorative Aluminium Profile- Aluminium Door Frame Material, Door and Window Material, Aluminium Sliding Door, Curtain Wall Aluminium Material, Anodized Aluminium Material, Colored Aluminium Profile

  • Bath screen aluminum profile- sliding door material, bus folding door material, diagonal sliding door material, sliding door material

  • Home Aluminum Products- Aluminum Ladder, Aluminum Net, Anti-theft Net, Safety Net, Aluminum Door, Aluminum Window, Window Grill, Mosquito; Aluminum Blind, Aluminum Fence River


Goldrich Aluminum is made to 6063-T5 national standard, and its characteristics include:

  • Lightweight - The density of aluminum is only 2.7 gw/cm³, which is lighter than other similar shaped materials (such as iron, steel), reducing transportation costs.

  • High Strength - Aluminum in shape 6063 is mixed with metals such as magnesium and silicon, which greatly increases the strength, making it less prone to deformation and suitable for use as a force bearing member.

  • Plasticity - Aluminum has excellent processability and is very suitable for extrusion molding. It can be processed into aluminum profiles such as aluminum through, aluminum strips, and aluminum angles.

  • Finishing - Once fabricated, architectural aluminum profiles can be soft anodized to create a beautiful, colorful finish for visual architectural and architectural applications such as window frames, door frames, roofs, and signage frames.

  • Corrosion resistance - aluminum is the best choice for outdoor projects (such as glass houses, solar trellis, etc.)

  • Environmental protection - aluminum can be reused after remelting, the reprocessing cost is lower than other metals, and it is easy to obtain. It is currently the most environmentally friendly metal material.

Application of aluminum

  • Manufacture of aircraft, automobiles, rail vehicles and rockets - Aluminum alloys are light in weight and high in strength, such as 6063-T5 aluminum alloy, whose strength exceeds that of 3Cr13 high-speed stainless steel, so it is a commonly used industrial aluminum alloy.

  • Cable Material - Due to its good electrical and thermal conductivity, aluminum can be used as an ultra-high voltage cable material. High-purity aluminum has better properties.

  • Smelting of high melting point metals and railway laying - Aluminum is very reducible at high temperature and can be used for smelting high melting point metals and temporary iron making during railway laying.

  • Packaging - Aluminum is malleable and can be made into foil for packaging. Plus aluminum is a metal and can be recycled.

  • Building materials, doors and windows - Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance, good appearance and texture, and moderate price. It is the best choice for building materials, doors and windows, etc.

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