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 Solar System

Goldrich Solar Engineering is of high quality, professional and reliable, and is your best choice

  • 100% genuine factory, quality assurance ​!

There are many recycled photovoltaic products on the market. After refurbishment, they are dumped on X-bao at a low price. If such fake and inferior products are installed, the power generation will not meet the standard, and the dismantling will not be used or used, and the lawsuit will be ridden. In severe cases, the house will be set on fire, endangering the safety of life and property of others .

  • 15 years of engineering trade experience, the choice of confidence!

Solar engineering companies have emerged in recent years, and there are many unscrupulous companies that charge money and do not deliver. Goldrich Engineering Co., Ltd. has been established for many years. It is a confident brand in the industry. It also has warehouses and stores, which is trustworthy.

  • A++ grade products, providing the perfect experience of using green energy!

Each photovoltaic panel has a unique identification code, and the manufacturer provides a 10-year shelf life . Provide remote monitoring cloud services, post-operation management, and every on-site detail, all of which are well-understood and within your grasp!

Install solar power, low risk, high reward

  • Apply to CLP for solar energy through Jinfeng

​​​After successful application, CLP will purchase electricity generated by your renewable energy system according to the amount The electricity price is calculated and displayed in each electricity bill .

Feed-in tariff level


​Estimated annual cash return based on the amount of electricity approved

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