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Buildings Department Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme

The current Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme of the Buildings Department requires owners of private buildings aged 10 years or above (except domestic buildings not higher than three storeys) to appoint a qualified person if they receive a statutory notice from the Buildings Department To carry out the prescribed inspections of all windows in the building and to supervise the prescribed repair works deemed necessary after the inspections.

If prescribed repairs are to be carried out, the owner concerned shall appoint a registered contractor to carry out the required prescribed repairs under the supervision of a competent person.

Goldrich is now partnered with Cheong Sing Aluminum Window Stainless Steel Engineering Co., Ltd. to provide window inspection services for customers participating in the mandatory window inspection plan. Cheong Sing Aluminum Window has more than 30 years of experience in aluminum engineering, and all the masters have obtained the minor works license, which is reliable and safe .

For window inspection details, please contact:

Master Chan (Ar Fu) 60309718

or Mr. Chan 98163377.


Updated January 2015
Cheong Sing Aluminum Window Stainless Steel Engineering Co., Ltd.

Minor Works Licence: MWC1672/2010

Contact Person:

Ms. Chan 2882 5322


One-stop window inspection service $500

The fee includes a visit by professional to inspect the aluminum windows, fill in the report on behalf of the customer and hand it to the Buildings Department, and reserve a copy for your inquiry after your return .

Aluminium window repairs (per window)

Replacement Window Hinges (200-400mm)   

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The above offers are only for Yuen Long customers, other regions need to quote separately.

External link - Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme on Buildings Department's website

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Aluminum doors and windows

Our company specializes in aluminum processing and aluminum doors and windows production.

Factory direct sales, product diversification, will be able to find your favorite goods.

Most households in Hong Kong choose aluminum windows, mainly because:

  • Aluminum windows will not rust and have a long service life. - 

  • Aluminium windows are easy to be baked with lacquer, which can be matched with home design.

    Jinfeng has a variety of aluminum window colors for customers to choose:

    Window frame color: pure white, silver white, dark gray, black, etc.

    Glass color: green, gray, tan, blue, etc.

  •  Aluminum alloy is lighter, easy to install and replace, but at the same time has high strength and hardness.


In addition, the company also provides different types and functions of glass:  

  • ​ Ordinary glass - generally 6mm thick, other thicknesses can also be selected.

  •  Insulating glass - has the function of sound insulation and heat insulation.

  •   Tempered glass - The strength is 4-5 times that of ordinary glass, and when broken, it will form particles and blocks, reducing the damage to the human body.

If you want to know about different styles and materials of aluminum windows, or have questions about aluminum windows, please call 2988 8941, our staff will be happy to answer your questions.

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